Bridal FAQ

Appointments are required to ensure that your ideas are collaborated and transformed into a spectacular gown.

An appointment is required to try on the Sample Couture gowns.

Generally we aim to meet initially with brides 10 -12 months prior to the wedding. In some instances we can work with a shorter time frame.

In some instances we can create a gown in that time frame depending on the design of your gown and detail, availability of fabrics and your location.

It is best to come to your initial appointment with a clear idea of what style of gown/s that are of interest.

It is best to keep the guest list to no more than four friends and family in total. It is advised to focus on the design of your gown and discuss and confirm the design, fabric, lace, and beading options.

For Custom couture gowns you will require two to three fittings. You will be contacted for your first fitting seven months prior to your wedding